My day.

Well today turned out to be much more eventful than I intended it to be.  It started out with a lazy sleep in and a read through Dervla Murphy’s ‘In Ethiopia with a Mule’  till about 11 o’clock. After which I postponed my intended Bike ride/training to enroll in my upcoming uni courses. So much decisions had to be made, and I finally ticked that box that indicated my interest in completing my capstone unit in politics and international relation, thereby finishing my drawn out major. Hopefully, this will be my last semester of my B.A. so there is much too look forward to in clicking through those boring pages.

Then unexpectedly, or should I say, to my lack of memory, Kartia turned up asking to use my Bathroom. Apparently we agreed to meet up after her breakfast with Riana. Luckily I was ready to leave right then, Unfortunately, this was due to the fact that my Dad was bugging me about meeting a friend of his. A political friend. I had to meet him. It was an opportunity that I could not miss out and could even result in me GETTING A GOOD JOB. I havent really involved myself in the political realm for a while and cannot say I was over keen, but I was also excited in a way.

So we hurried about through Bondi Junction, where I had two great victories. Firstly, I returned some earphones I had bought right before I had bought myself my first iPod. Yes I know its a bit late and it seems like a bit of a waste as I have had little time to (legally of course) download/torrent large amounts of music to put on it. However, the returning of such a piece of hardware brought a little bit more money into my pocket, something which I am trully happy about as I’m pretty much broke.

Our next stop was the library, where my books were overdue, Although its too late to renew my books and I have already received a fine for them, the lovely librarian lady renewed them for me and put the fine on hold. Yes! truly a great success. I also discovered that I had seven, rather than four books on loan. Hmmm…. so much too read.

Once all that business was done Kartia and I settled down at a cafe where I used to work and ordered coffee. Almost simultaneously, I received a call from my dad telling me he was at home ready to drive me to his client, AKA Mr Politically Hooked Up. After politely declining and attempting to reason with him I gave up and had my order changed to a takeaway cup and abandoned Kartia to the otherwise boring Bondi Junction. I assume she continued reading her book “A Thousand Splendid Suns” which appears to be a continual buildup of tragedy upon tragedy but nonetheless hard to put down.

Mr Politically Hooked Up lives in Vaucluse and has a very nice house. His name is actually John Utting and was not in any way expecting me to arrive with my dad and discuss high politics, philosophy and anything else to display my academic credentials. Instead he was shirtless, with a towel around his waist and about to leave for a meeting in Parramatta. I must say he had a lovely collection of books and proved very fascinating to talk to. My dad informs me that he is a statistician working for a firm closely associated with the ALP.

His affiliations with the Labor Party are easily spotted by the range of books that line his bookshelves, such as Paul Kelly’s ‘The End of Certainty’ and others documenting the Hawke government. He wastes no time in asking where I lie politically, specifically if I am aligned with any particular party.

I told him I am not, as I prefer to remain politically non-partisan for the sake of my journalism aspirations. He tells me that I should join a party, for example the ALP of which he is a member. To his great dismay, I told him that I did not particularly like the ALP, which was something like a slap in the face. His daughter who has just finished her HSC gave him a reassuring pat on the back. Maintaining  his dignity he asked if I was then aligned with the interests of the Libs and still implying that I should join party of some kind. Thankfully, I am not and told him that I am probably more supportive of the Greens and opposed to the notions of a duopoly. He probably thought I was an opinionated and arrogant youth but continued in his advice that I should join their ranks.  Once again, I politely declined, but as an offer of consolation I told him that my younger brother was well integrated in the ALP, whereupon he received much praise and I was told that he is on the right path. Apparently, “Its great to be a spectator but it is truly amazing to be a participant.”

Upon returning home I was very excited to see that Rabbi Zalman Kastel had called me. He needs some assistance with drafting a piece of legislature to target and hopefully integrate school children of monocultural communities into a broader multicultural society. I am truly surprised to have received his call as last time he called upon my help I panicked and never did anything, irresponsibly avoiding any contact and attempting to forget my otherwise steadfast commitment to his noble cause.

I decided to give up all of tomorrow in servitude to his cause, but in the meantime I made my way to my old hangout, the Macquarie Uni Library. Due to holidays still being on they close at the untimely hour of 8 o’clock, which only gave me 40 minutes to trawl through their extensive supply of reading material. I picked up a huge supply of books despite that and stuffed my bag full of them before making my way to the after hours reading ‘rooms’. Once comfortable I looked through them again approvingly, all of them are by big name sorts of authors like Steinbeck, Hesse, Kafka and Stein with the exception of one who appears to write about the Jewish ghetto and poverty, I am excited to read her. But before attempting to do anything else, I finished my chapter of Ethiopia with a Mule and even went a little further.

Then I went through the painful task of sorting through my photos and uploading a handful of them to Flickr for which I had to make an account (I will post the URL on my page once I can find it again). That took me quite a while and I called it a night before having finished all of them. And so began the trip home.

While I had set myself the goal of writing up a blog post i resigned myself to reading my book on the train instead. I quite like the casual style with which it is written. And it’s content seems to be weaving into my everyday conversations all the time. I even convinced (or informed) the young school leaver (her name is Joss and she was rather friendly) at Mr Utting’s home that she should do something akin to it during her gap year. My rambling suggestion was that Myanmar would provide an equal opportunity for travelling through a country of similar uncommercialised beauty. I think she took the suggestion well.

Finally, I walked home but not without stopping to buy cabbages in preparation for my attempt to convince Chur Buger (where I work) to incorporate Sabich, an Israeli breakfast staple into their menu. Meanwhile I prepared myself mentally for the thought of typing up this huge first post. Having achieved such a task, I think I am going to go to bed, and now that it is almost 2 o’clock I am in serious doubt about my aspirations to wake up at 5ish tomorrow morning for an early morning bike ride. We will see if that actually ends up happening. Whether it does or does not happen, I have a big day tomorrow.



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